Preparing Your Home for Sale

A few tips that can make a difference and a good impression on buyers and possibly lead to a sale.

Separate yourself from your Home and use the following tips:

Remove -Clutter

People have a tendency to accumulate to many items during the years of living in their home. Sort through them keeping what you really want and consider either donating or throwing away items of little importance. Remove your books from book cases and clean up everything on the counters of the kitchen. Put non-essential items into boxes and store them in a rented space temporarily. Your home should appear neat, tidy and give the appearance of a lot of space. This also gives you a head start on packing.

Rearrange-Cabinets in Bedrooms and the Kitchen

Buyers who come to see the house will look around and open up cabinets and closet doors. So organize everything inside, remove and store all non-essentials so that your cabinets and closets appear roomy. Not only does it appear to the potential buyer there is plenty of space for their items, it portrays that you are organized and that you take care of things and the house as well.

Storage Unit-Rent it

Homes look better when there is less furniture. So remove excess furniture to make the rooms look spacious.

Remove Items

Remove fixtures, appliances that are built in, and window coverings, if you plan on keeping them. Remember to remove these items that are important to you before you show the house to potential buyers.

Small Repairs

Inspect the floor or tiles on the counters. If any are cracked remove them and replace them. Also inspect all of the walls, if there are holes or gouges on them you will need to patch, repair and paint them to match.

Good looking bathroom

Have your bathroom look luxurious, consider hanging ribboned small towels, perfumed towels and fake plants. Make sure to match towels and bath mats as well. The bathroom should smell and look extremely clean.

Lighten up:

Rooms look good when they are bright and also look inviting and bigger as well. Windows coverings should be opened to let natural light come in and lamps should be used in dim places.


Plants make a room lively and flowers in a vase as well. So put pots in corners with good looking plants or flowers to draw attention to places you want to highlight as well.

Make something tasty

Have a homely smell to your home when a buyer comes in, make bake bread or cookies or light up a candle that is scented.